Server version works on any system including IOS, MAC, ANDROID & PC

Server version needs no installations. Once you contact support for the trial of the server we will add your farms to the server and give you access to it, we host the server and ensure it keeps running consistently to run your farms at a fast speed.

Farm for me works on any system including IOS, MAC, ANDROID & PC

Farm for me needs no installations. Once you contact support for the trial, we will add your farms to our farm for me server and your farms will starting farming resources for you

To run the software version you need a windows computer.
Step 1:
Download MuBots from here
Step 2:
Unzip the bot in your computer and find MuBots icon, double click to open the bot
Step 3:
Apply the trial key obtained from the dashboard to the bot.
Step 4:
Click on validate, additionally you will need to download MEmu emulator to run the farms

For more help, you can contact our support team anytime.

Memu installation is required only if you take the software version (server version and farm for me do not require Memu installation on your system)

Virtualization error:
When MEmu is opening and you get VT error, you need to enable virtualization in bios settings.
1. Reboot the computer
2. While the system is restarting from a black screen, enter BIOS by pressing the hotkey. The hotkeys differ depending on the brand of the computer used. Usually F1, F2, F3, F10, Esc or Delete keys are the hotkeys to enter BIOS
3. Navigate to Advanced Tab and find the virtualization option (in case you do not find it in this tab you can explore other tabs too not every processor supports virtualization)
4. Select Virtualization and enable it
5. Exit BIOS while saving the changes

Memu Stuck at 59%:
To resolve this issue you can perform the following checks
1. Update your graphics driver to the latest version

Memu slow loading:
If your MEmu loading is slow we recommend installing MEmu in SSD.

When you install software version and you want to shift the bot to another system, you will need to reset the MuBots key, you can contact our support team and we will reset the key for you

If you have any other question you can always contact us via:
Whatsapp : +1(202) 960-6898
Line : mubots

MuBots has been operating since 2018, our small dedicated team is working around the clock to keep it running

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