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The Ants Underground Kingdom Farm Bot 2022

Kingdom of Ants Bot is an online bot that Autopilot your the ant underground kingdom mobile game and allows you to play the game with more efficiency. Auto Farming bot automates a lot of the processes in the game for you, such as auto train, build, gather, shield, and more. This allows you to spend less time on the game and more time on other activities. Bot farm will autopilot your gaming actions on behalf of you.

Available on all Android Devices

  • Available on all iOS Devices
  • Available on MAC & Windows PC
  • Manage Unlimited Game Accounts
  • Verified Security Safe by Norton
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support in Discord
  • Over 1 MILLION Lifetime Users


Mubot Mobile Bot

Easy To Use

MuBots has been designed with a clean user interface so you can easily configure your account settings and operate each profile from the account management tab.

Free Trial

You can download any version for a free trial. You can get a one-time 3 days license key for a free trial before buying.

Fast Updates

It seems like every week these games release some holiday update, and our team is there pumping out our counter game bots update within hours.

Completely Safe

Ants Kingdom bot has anti-ban features like randomized click to mimic human-like touches. This allows the our bot to go undetected. Our gaming bot had 0 bans to date.

24/7 Discord Chat Support

We have 24/7 live Chat support where you can get help and ask questions, as well as ask about weekly bot updates.

Value of Time And Money

Let us run Unlimited Accounts for you. Your hard-earned dollars ensure Mubot is always functional and the No 1
bot on the market.


Features Features Features
Alliance Evolution Shield Anthill Daily Activities
Feeding Ground Hunt Bugs Gather Resources
Auto Heal Supply Leafcutter Mail Rewards
Hatch Troops Evolution Fungi Resources Factory
Alliance Members Upgrade Buildings and More!


No, there exists no such thing that can hack or generate gold for free. There are many fake websites that claim to generate gold for free by completing a survey but these are all fake offers. Only legitimate cheat that is working and available is Kingdom Of Ants Bot. The Kingdom Of Ants Bot will play game just like humans do. The Kingdom Of Ants Bot will collect resources 24/7.

Yes, Kingdom Of Ants Bot is safe. Our Kingdom Of Ants Bot is operating since 3 years and we have hundreds of happy customers that are using this bot every day without being detected or getting ban. Our bot have anti ban features like randomized click to mimic human like touches to keep bot undetected.

Yes, we have software version available. You need to download the pc version and install it on your windows pc. You also need to install MEmu on your windows pc. You can get one time 3 days license key for getting free trail before you buy.

You can have free trial for any version, it is 100% free and all the functions are included in trial. We are the only bot service which will give you trial for server version too.

You can download Kingdom Of Ants Bot from our website. There are multiple version of our bot you can choose the version that suits your needs. The Pc version require a PC that can run emulator and have window 7 to window 11 installed on it.

The Kingdom Of Ants Bot server is actually a cloud computer that we had setup here in our center. This version require no installation. It can be managed from your phone, tablet or computer. It comes with license key and can run multiple farms or accounts in single time. The cloud computer is ultra-fast with SSD storage that makes it 10 times faster than a simple computer, MuBots is the only bot that offers SSD server that makes it stand out from all other bots. The cloud computer is active 24/7 a day. You can access it at any time.

You can contact us on our email You can also approach us by visiting our website and navigating to live chat section to talk with one of our representative. We are available 24/7 for your help.

Yes, we do have packages where our staff will manage your farm. Our staff will setup and manage your farms. These options are available on farm for me service and it is a great choice if you don’t have time to check your bot twice a day.

Why use a bot?

Here are 5 reasons why our bot is valuable

It's More Than a Bot

A Bot Server is an extremely high-performance cloud server. It's literally an online computer that you can connect to from any device. You don't need to buy a new $1,500 computer nor pay for the electric to run one all day. These servers would you cost you hundreds of dollars per month if you bought one yourself. We get a huge discount by buying them in bulk, so you save money!

It's Cheaper than in Game

With this bot, you can earn hundreds of millions of resources per day. That's billions and billions of resources per month. If you were to buy that same amount of resources in the game, how much would it cost you? You better be ready to pay them thousands of US dollars! Our bot is 1/10th of the price of in game packs. It's why so many players choose our bot over buying expensive resources from the game developers. You work hard for your money, so get the most for it!

Your Accounts Are Worth Money

Did you know that you can sell your game accounts online? Imagine if you had 100 of them! Every day millions of players quit the game and sell their accounts. A simple google search will give you endless platforms to sell from. This bot lets you build, play and manage unlimited accounts. Let's say you run 100 accounts for 1 month, then decide to sell the accounts. At $100 USD per small account, you just made $1,000 USD. Imagine what you'd get for stronger accounts.

Your Time is Valuable

What is more valuable than money? Your TIME! To manage hundreds of accounts, imagine how much time you would need to spend in the game. You would have no life, no friends, nothing! This bot saves you time by playing all those accounts for you. You can still have fun playing on your main account, while all your others farm resources for it. Auto transfer those resources and watch your account grow faster than ever - with the same amount of time spent in game!

We Never Stop Working

This isn't an underground script that some kid made for fun. We are a real company, with a full staff and development team. We have 24/7 live support where you can get help and ask questions, as well as weekly bot updates. It seems like every week these games release some holiday update, and our team is there pumping out our counter update within hours Your hard-earned dollars ensure this bot is always functional and the best bot on the market!

Our Packages

Software Version




Runs On Window PC

Runs Unlimited Farms

Self setup

99% uptime

24/7 Live Support

Server version




Ultra fast ssd servers

Supports upto 30 farms

We setup

99% uptime

24/7 Live Support

Server Version Pro




Ultra fast ssd servers

Supports upto 50 farms

We setup

99% uptime

24/7 Live Support

Farm For Me




Ultra fast ssd servers

Runs Unlimited Farms

We setup

99% uptime

24/7 Live Support

MuBots has been operating since 2018, our dedicated team is working around the clock to keep our auto farm bots running Safely, efficiently and smoothly. If you have any query you can ask us in the chat box.

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